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What our customers are saying about Capture Review.

Eric Bernal
You have been amazing to work with! I just wish I had found you sooner!! You all rock!!!!! You saved me from pulling my hair out. I wish I had found you all sooner in the process of moving my WordPress site. I will be subscribing to the monthly service!
Eric Bernal / Skyline Productions
Chris Young
"Great job! Fixed what my developer could not....I will certainly consult with again."
Chris Young / Direct Export Company
Morgan Hanson
"Great service. Jason is the man."
Morgan Hanson / AnsonHoldings LLC
Lindy Baker
"You are making my online website life so much easier!"
Lindy Baker / Lindy Baker Clairvoyant
Alyssa Hollingsworth
"I just wanted to say that my whole team was blown away by how helpful Thomas was -- especially after about 6 hours of a severe lack of help from our old host (Bluehost). Thank you so much!"
Alyssa Hollingsworth / WriteOnCon
Ronnie Paton
"Really fast response and resolution"
Ronnie Paton / Powerdial Services
John Berry
"Should have used this service sooner, it would have saved hours of work I did trying to fix something that I ultimately failed at. Great service and fast, I will use this service again if needed."
John Berry / Kodi With John
Roy Guinn
"You guys have a great service, and take care of issues quickly. Excellent customer service and very knowledgeable staff. I wish more companies were ran like your is. I worked primarily with Thomas, although I believe others might have been involved as well, but they were all a real pleasure to with. They were not able to get onto our server as it is a secure county server, so they conference called with our IT guys to walk them through the fixes. Took care of every issue in a timely manner with expertise. I will recommend your service to anyone who asks, even if they don't ask. Thanks!!!!!"
Roy Guinn / Harris County Constable's Office Precinct 5
Jessica Hooley
Jessica Hooley /
Bern Ruelas
"I'll be back. Your service is better than expected and definitely worth what is charged."
Bern Ruelas /
Daniel J. Cox
"I was happy to find you. I need help like this quite regularly and I'm hopeful this will all work as well in the future."
Daniel J. Cox / Natural Exposures, Inc.
Denise Rico
"It was handled professional and quickly."
Denise Rico / The Active Habitat
Mark Pulford
"I love the changes Capture Review made to my website! I researched and tried to adjust the website myself and finally gave in and decided to get help. Capture Review was quick and reasonably priced. Very pleased with my purchase, I highly recommend."
Mark Pulford / Accountant
Harold Falk
"Jason was great! Very quick, responsive and professional. Give him a raise. I will definitely use your service again. I will also refer your services to others. Thank You."
Harold Falk / Money Makers
Sarah Lopez
"Please keep being awesome!"
Sarah Lopez / AmethodPublicSchools
Linda Yurche
"Will definitely use your service again!"
Linda Yurche / Basys, inc.
Herman Moniz
"Great quick-service and great communication."
Herman Moniz / Ko Olina Ocean Adventures
Brittany Saab
"Very professional, prompt, and personable. Appreciative of all the support so far. Would recommend Capture Review to any business."
Brittany Saab / Hannah International Foods
Scott Whitlow
"Amazing service! Keep up the great work!!!"
Scott Whitlow /
Darryll Clark
"Working with Thomas was seamless, our initial contact was through email and he was able to accurately determine a corrective path to optimize our current web site and improve stability and responsiveness. I am looking forward to working on new projects with the team at Capture Review."
Darryll Clark / The Closing Agent, Inc.
John Palmer
"Perfect service, above and beyond looking after our requirements!!"
John Palmer / The Nova Agency
Laura Ciardetti
"Perfect, they helped so much."
Laura Ciardetti / Freelance
Bob Steffens
I've been in business over 30 years with 42 employees. Recently I've converted some of my web content to WordPress. I am a WordPress newbie and Capture Review has made the transition a good experience. These guys are intuitive to my WordPress needs with straight answers and good solutions to my WordPress management problems.
Bob Steffens / Copier Solutions Corp.
Jamie Wexler
Capture Review is an affordable, professional service that assisted me troubleshoot a WordPress issue that I was unable to determine, and they saved the day! Excellent customer service and I highly recommend them.
Jamie Wexler /
Thom Ashton
I have been developing websites and hosting since 1995. In all that time I have mostly fixed any problems that have developed with my client's internet presence, everything from site development/update issues, email problems, hosting/DNS issues, databases, eCommerce, PHP and Perl scripts and more. Recently I ran into a WordPress/WooCommerce problem caused by an update that was taking too much of my time to research and fix given the current workload. So, for the first time in my long career, I decided to seek outside paid support. After researching a number of companies providing the kind of support I needed, I selected Capture Review, one of the best decisions I have made in 22 years as an Internet Presence provider. They handled the issue promptly and completely and at a price lower than I could actually afford to do it myself. It's like having another tech guy across the room.
Thom Ashton / AshtonITC / ITCnet
Vince Condello
"I wanted to thank you guys for helping us out of the jam we got into."
Vince Condello / JoDiMor, Inc.
Michael Boze
“Good job! You fixed things very quickly on a weekend. Above and beyond the call of duty"
Michael Boze / M Boze Communication Design
Sharon Brown
“I saw your report and it is FANTASIC!!! Great tenacity and follow through."
Sharon Brown /
Ben Leinen
“So helpful, so fast. My rep was AMAZING! He corrected things I didn't even know could be fixed."
Ben Leinen /
Rhonda Palmer
“Being amazed by the moment. I just contacted them today and they have been relentlessly working on every issue and completing each of them. I am so happy. Thank you.„
Rhonda Palmer /
Stephanie Snyder
“Customer service and responsiveness was stellar. Thank you, thank you!!"
Stephanie Snyder /
Joseph Doneux
“My website was locked and I was worried and confused. I don't have the knowledge to fix it myself and didn't know where to turn. I found your service on google and was immediately hopeful. I was so very pleased with how responsive, knowledgeable, kind, and quick your service was! My site was back up in no time. I will definitely look to your service for future problems and will highly recommend this company to others looking for help. Thank You!"
Joseph Doneux /
Michael Karppe
Michael Karppe / Integrity Home Inspection
Louis Petrarca
“I am very appreciative of the knowledge, experience and courtesy I have been given through all my dealings with you. Your solutions to my website programming changes have perfect for non-technical people to able to maintain the site for the future."
Louis Petrarca /
Davundree Holmes
“Loved how simple and easy everything went. I will definitely keep you guys in mind if any other issues arises. Thanks again!"
Davundree Holmes /
Keri Taff
Keri Taff / Keri Taff
Carol Studer
“The design is fabulous. You grasped what I needed and adapted easily as we moved through the process. Since I had no prior knowledge of WordPress, the instructional videos you sent were greatly needed and appreciated."
Carol Studer / Everything but the Mime, Inc
Kate Breslin
“I was having website issues and found your company online. This was my first experience with Capture Review and I wasn't certain what to expect. It was your good BBB rating and the testimony of your other clients that prompted me to take a chance and I am glad to say I was very pleased with quality of service I received. Your experts fixed my problem in a timely manner and I would certainly recommend Capture Review to anyone in need of website support. Thank you!"
Kate Breslin / Author
John Hamman
John Hamman / Well-Trained Mind
Mary Lou Newmark
“This was my first time using Capture Review. I was a bit apprehensive giving my login info to people I never met, but it was a great experience! They solved a problem I been wrestling with for months in an hour!"
Mary Lou Newmark / Green Angel Music
Meghan Davis
Meghan Davis / Bascom Grooms Real Estate
Bill Wade
“As promised, next hiccup with WP that I experience, you'll be the folks I call. Cheers. Bill"
Bill Wade /
Lee Dufour
Lee Dufour / Agence5970
Jeffrey O'Callaghan
"Just keep up the great work!"
Jeffrey O'Callaghan / Home
Tanya Gray
Tanya Gray / Access Education LLC
Stefan Mcclinnahan
"These guys are the best in the business!"
Stefan Mcclinnahan / Doopli
Ralph Robison
Ralph Robison / Acker Robison Realty
John Graham
"Jean was both courteous and professional and I really appreciate the great service that your company provided."
John Graham / Food Solutions Group
Walt Rebar
"John was terrific, and did exactly what he said he would...and then some! Thanks!"
Walt Rebar /
Fern Schumer
Fern Schumer / Gussie Rose Press
Anthony Johnson
"This service will be a great service to me in the future. I am only a one man shop and I need to partner with a company that can help me out w/ my support issues from time to time."
Anthony Johnson / SkylarStudios
Mark Brayne
Mark Brayne / Braynework
Olivia Smith
Olivia Smith /
Jessica Reiber
"Thank you so much for your knowledge and support. It would have taken me 3 times as much time to figure out how to make my changes."
Jessica Reiber / Faith Community Fellowship
Dimitry Chamy
Dimitry Chamy / 2urn
Karen Tumbokon
"Thank you for all your help and patience this week!"
Karen Tumbokon / TechieGamers, LLC
Hans Molegraaf
Hans Molegraaf / Marriage Revolution
James Cooper
"Thank you"
James Cooper / SoundWave
Chelsea Roos
Chelsea Roos / SportStar Relocation
Janae Kammer
Janae Kammer / Living Hope
Jon Mayled
"Simply excellent service"
Jon Mayled / Jon Mayled
Janet Leak
Janet Leak / Cannabis Woman Magazine
Harrison Kendrick
Harrison Kendrick / Spiralweld
Janet Whalen
Janet Whalen

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